Handling the fruit with reverence.

The first thing we do in the winery is gently de-stem the fruit using more bespoke equipment (we only use the fruit itself, never the stems or stalks). We then lightly crush the grapes just enough to allow the concentrated flavors and energy to burst out without damaging the seeds.

In fact, everything in the winery is done so as not to force the fruit or juice in any way whatsoever. By handling things this way the maximum amount of flavor, phytonutrients, antioxidants and essential minerals are preserved within the wine itself – this is a key part of what gives our wines so much vibrancy.

After the gentle crushing action the juice is allowed to sit on the skins. With our Chardonnay we allow this to happen for an extended period.

During fermentation, juice is very gently raised up from the lower section of the vat to lightly rain over the surface. In this way the skins are never allowed to cap the surface and slow down the fermentation process. The pump we use to move the juice is an Auger pump which gently brings the juice to the top of the vat using an Archimedes screw action.