Harvesting to preserve the natural goodness of fully ripe fruit.

For the Chardonnay and Blanc de Blanc we only pick between two and six in the morning. This way oxidation is kept to an absolute minimum. As our winery is right next to the vines we can guarantee the maximum amount of flavors and natural goodness are retained.

Obviously, harvesting is a key part of the process and whilst our harvester is only ever used for a maximum of ten times a year this has been one of our most important investments. As far as we’re concerned it is vital that once we know the fruit in a particular area of the estate is ripe, we are able to harvest it immediately and in an exceptionally gentle manner.

Harvesting at the peak of ripeness is vital for capturing all the complexity and goodness. Too ripe and the vitality and aromas are lost. Speed is important but so is the quality of picking.

To this end, like most of our equipment the harvester has been engineered to meet our exacting requirements and fortunately, because of our geography we are able to use a harvester which is fine-tuned for a gentle action rather than for a challenging environment.