Our estate, our home.

In 1970 our father Jure Bonic chose Billabong Creek Jerilderie as the place to create our estate and home. By doing so he chose virgin land he recognized as being rich in natural goodness. As a result, he also chose to keep it as he found it – natural and chemical free.

Jure saw the grasses grew here grew with greater vigor. Cattle grazing here were visibly more healthy and vibrant and he noted local vegetables were not only packed with flavor, but also tasted sweeter.

Jure knew this pristine environment was perfect for growing vines. Vines could grow strong and naturally protected, producing the finest fruit without the need for any artificial intervention whatsoever.

For the past 21 years my brother John and I have been responsible for continuing Dad’s vision to produce the purest and most elegant flavored Shiraz, Chardonnay and Blanc de Blanc wines.