Creating The Healthiest Vines

In terms of our planting, we believe in a low-density arrangement – around 760 vines per hectare. Combined with a restrictive growth this allows for plenty of air to circulate around the plants. Between the rows of vines we allow wild plants and grasses to grow and during October to December we may fold these into the soil, but never more than three times in a season.

The plough we use is one which only affects the surface, and is used to aerate the soil and encourage microbial life. As for the health of our plants, we believe ours are amongst the healthiest anywhere in the world. Firstly, the space between the plants immediately reduces any disease pressures as does allowing our sheep to roam between the vines. We do this so as to keep the weeds down and subsequently we never suffer from ‘leaf hopper’ problems or yellowing of the vines. Our vines have only grown stronger and more resistant to disease problems because of our passion for biodynamic practices.

This is clearly seen in the quality of the fruit, which in keeping with biodynamical raised vines are smaller, more concentrated in flavor and benefiting from thicker and stronger skins.