Our Terroir

Maintaining an excellent Terroir.

Our soil is a heavy clay based loam high in natural nutrients and beneficial microbes.

The loam has an excellent water holding capacity and yet when there are heavy levels of rain, any excess water easily runs off the top into the creek bordering our estate or, into either of our two natural lakes. Generally our rainfall is reasonably low which of course means that we’re less prone to disease pressures.

During the ripening season we also benefit from good continuous heat units throughout the day and then in the winter relatively cold conditions when the vines are dormant. In keeping with our biodynamic practices we periodically apply compost to the vines. This is made up of a mix of essential minerals including lime and rock dust, straw, natural phosphates (dung from the estate cows) and guano.

The mix is turned into a liquid by using rainwater and is stirred in a particular manner that encourages air to penetrate the entire mix. This aeration is important as it improves the quality of the compost and is only applied to the vines in the evening when the plants are resting.