Developing vibrant and elegant flavors without losing purity.

We like to call our fermentation process an eco multi-flora fermenting process. This is a fundamental key in develop the unique elements we are looking for when bringing together the different batches of wine.

We use what’s commonly called “wild fermenting” however we may also add small amounts of naturally cultured yeast too so as to give the wine hints of spicy notes – hence the eco multi-flora aspect to the process.

After fermentation, the wine is slowly filtered through the skins. The skins, sediment and seeds are then again gently pressed, making sure that none of the wonderful properties of the fruit are lost. After this, the pressed juice is stored separately just like the different batches of filtered wine. We allow Maceration with some of the wine, but only for a short while, as we don’t want our wine to become too one dimensional.

While the wine is maturing we gently stir the lees every week, encouraging the nutrients to remain more vibrant and giving the wine greater energetics.

None of our wine goes through a fining process as it isn’t required and because we don’t like the idea of stripping out the goodness or personality of the wine.